Photography Editor, Solstice Literary Magazine.

Fine Art Photographer and Writer.

Board Certified Psychiatrist, in private practice in Needham, MA.


B.A., The Johns Hopkins University (1971).

Ph.D., in Clinical Psychology, Boston University (1977).

M.D., The Harvard Medical School (1984).

M.F.A. in Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts (1997).


Anthem: For a Warm Little Pond, Puritan Capital, Hollis, NH, 2016.

In a Time of Fallen Heroes: The Re-creation of Masculinity,

(with Pollack, W.), Atheneum Press, 1993.

The Seven Basic Quarrels of Marriage, (with Macauley, R.),

Villard, New York, 1991.

Intimate Play, Viking Penguin, New York, 1987.

A Student to Student Guide to Medical School, Little, Brown,

& Co., Boston, 1985.

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